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Hello. I'm Charity and this is Lost Memoirs, my fanlisting collective. Here you will find the fanlistings I own along with the ones I have joined. So what is a fanlisting? It's simply a list of people who are all fans of a particular subject. It is similar to a clique, but you don't need a website to join. Some of us love to show our fanatical sides by displaying cute buttons (codes), which show that we have joined certain fanlistings! That, in a nutshell, is what this site is. Have a look around, visit the fanlistings, and if you're a fan please join! Be sure to see what I'm a fan of too, you might want to join some of those listings as well! All of my fanlistings are approved by For the full viewing experience this site is best in Firefox!

Some fanlistings may be adult in nature. If adult images offend you, or you are too immature to handle such images, I suggest you do not visit that area or leave now. You have been warned!

May 16, 2011

it’s been awhile

It’s been awhile since I got around to posting an entry here. Not because I’ve forgotten about my fanlistings or anything, just beyond updating I haven’t really done anything new. I would love to apply for more listings but I haven’t really been fanatical about anything lately. Well nothing that doesn’t already have a listing. Anyway I just updated the Lacey Schwimmer fanlisting with a new layout today, as well as an information update. I think I’ll probably be joining some new listings soon so look for that update. I also put a new layout on the whole collective a few months ago and never mentioned it so I’m mentioning it now. That’s about it, more to come soon!

, Lacey Schwimmer

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