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 Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez:  Brooke Davis and Haley James-Scott:  Brooke Davis and Peyton Sawyer:  Carly Jacks and Lulu Spencer:  Cristina Yang and Owen Hunt:  Derek Shepard and Mark Sloan:  Dr. Cristina Yang and Dr. Meredith Grey:  Dr. Derek Shepard and Dr. Meredith Grey:  Ethan Lovett and Lulu Spencer:  Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry:  Jason Morgan and Samantha McCall:  Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson:  Lorelai and Rory Gilmore:  Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore:  Luke Spencer and Tracy Quatermaine:  Lulu Spencer and Damien Spinelli:  Meredith Grey, Izzy Stevens, Cristina Yang:  Michael Corinthos III and Abby Haver:  Michael Westen and Fiona Glenanne:  Nathan Scott and Haley James-scott:  Nathan, Haley, and Jamie Scott:  Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio:  Peyton Sawyer, Brooke Davis, and Haley James-Scott:  Sonny Corinthos and Carly Corinthos Jacks:

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