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Jon and Kate Plus 8 or newly titled Kate Plus 8 follows the lives of the Gosselin family. Life with twins and sextuplets isn't easy, just ask these frazzled parents. The show documents the life of this unusual family and has allowed viewers to watch the children grow up, as well as experience the trials and tribulations all families face, unfortunately this includes divorce. Though Jon is no longer involved with the show, the new specials follow Kate and her transition to single parenthood, as well as her brood of quickly growing multiples.

Meet the Gosselins Kids

Cara Nicole Gosselin - Cara is the oldest Gosselin child by six minutes. She is caring, motherly, and keeps the kids under control like a school teacher. Methodical and organized, she is an above grade level student. She is athletic, loves skiing and playing sports, but hates mornings.

Madelyn "Mady" Kate Gosselin - Mady was born to be the center of attention. She loves singing and performing. Though she is known to be a firecracker, she is also kind hearted, sensitive, and has a soft spot for all animals. She enjoys helping her mom in the kitchen, and is an above grade level student.

Alexis Faith Gosselin - Alexis is the oldest of the sextuplets. She is goofy, outgoing, and full of laughter. The family comedian, she is the loudest Gosselin and has no problems roughhousing with the boys. She loves giving hugs and kisses, and is extremely affectionate. She is known as "Lex" or "Lexi."

Hannah Joy Gosselin - Hannah may be the second born sextuplet but she is by far the most mature. She is extremely particular about everything, and takes pride in her beautiful long hair. She is known as "Mommy's Little Helper" and takes after her sister Cara. Her best friend is her sister Leah and the two are an inseparable duo.

Aaden Jonathan Gosselin - Aaden was the smallest sextuplet at birth, and began wearing glasses at the age of two. His glasses and curious personality led Kate to begin calling him "The Professor." He has a sensitive side, can be mischievious, and has been known to have stinky feet.

Collin Thomas Gosselin - Collin is the biggest sextuplet and has been since birth. He was the only one to be born weighing over three pounds. He always finishes his food first, and will eat anything in sight. Outspoken and stubborn, he is quiet and methodical about making messes and causing trouble. He has a mechanical mind and loves for things to be in a particular order.

Leah Hope Gosselin - Leah may be the smallest Gosselin, but she has an uncanny ability to lure the others into trouble. Known as "The Little Princess," she has a big voice and knows what she wants. She loves all animals, particularly pandas and peguins. Leah is best friends with Hannah and can be heard asking for "her hannie" when she is uncomfortable or upset.

Joel Kevin Gosselin - Joel may be easy going, but has a maddening whine, which he perfected at only three months old. He uses it to display any and all injustices whenever necessary, but is usually full of angelic smiles that melt everyone's hearts. Though Joel is the youngest Gosselin child, he was the first of the sextuplets to ride a bike without training wheels.

Facts taken from the offical TLC website.

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